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Article: Ways to Wear Your Classic Triangle Bikini Top

Ways to Wear Your Classic Triangle Bikini Top

Ahh, the triangle top. Its been around since the beginning of time - its about time it got a fresh new look. We're loving the creativity we're seeing trend with new ways to tie your tops. With Resort season upon us, we're all looking for ways to elevate our vacation (or at-home heat wave) wardrobes. 

Our classic triangle, The ANNISTON, comes in 4 colorways and can be tied 6 different ways. With countless combos, they'll literally never know you're an #OutfitRepeater. If you're into keeping it simple, these looks remain effortlessly chic with a little added spice and are super easy to achieve. Let's get to twisting & tying 💃



Yeah, we know - DUH. No manipulation needed. But, you can still change this look up a couple of ways. You can reverse the ANNISTON in Jet High Shine to the matte side for more versatility (pro tip: it matches any pair of black bottoms this way!). Another trick: criss-cross the chest strap and tie in the front. 



How To: Start by unlooping the shoulder straps from the chest strap (untie the end-knots on the chest strap and these loops will slide out easily). Then slide the cups away from each other, wrap the strap around your chest until the triangle cups cover you up, and bow the strap in the front!


Same same but different. For this look, follow the steps for the regular front tie above, but once you've pushed the triangle cups outward, loop the chest strap halter-style around your neck where the shoulder straps would normally go. Pull the shoulder straps around to tie on your back. This style actually provides excellent hold for the girls! 


Don't want the straps in the front? Try the same style with the chest strap tied behind your neck. The shoulder straps will still tie on your back. This style also provides excellent hold! 


If you're looking for a minimalistic look with no tan lines, this is it. How To: Make sure your shoulder straps are un-looped from the chest strap. Tie the shoulder straps around your back. Cinch the chest strap into a loop with your desired cleavage showing. Make a bow at the top or bottom of the bandeau and viola! 



This one can be done a few ways! Follow the steps for the bandeau above - making sure your strings are positioned to be tied at the top rather than the bottom of the center loop. From there, you can criss-cross your halter tie over your chest and secure at the neck, or your can make a secure knot on the chest before tying at the neck. 


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